March 2018


Charity Update – The Biggest Loser Challenge

All proceeds being raised for Cancer Fund for Children


For the past 12 weeks the Atlas World team have been battling the scales every Monday to lose the most amount of weight to compete against each other in The Biggest Loser Challenge. The participants have been split into three teams (Team A, B, C).

Weight Loss Update


TEAM A have lost a grand total of 28.7lbs
TEAM B have lost a grand total of 21.6lbs
TEAM C have lost a grand total of 4.4lbs


Congratulations Team A you are in the lead! Keep up the good work, don’t let the Easter Eggs tempt you over the break. Team B are sprinting close behind Team A, with only a few pounds left to shed. Team C, oh no!!! Whats been happening there??? A little less indulgence and a bit more exercise required for the last push.

With only 4 weeks remaining lets all make the best effort we can. 🙂

“I really regret eating healthy today”…..said no one ever

Please support us in our final weeks


So far we have been able to raise a fantastic total of £462.53

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