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Leading  distributor for NI & Ireland

Atlas World is the leading Automatic Fire Suppression distributor for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In collaboration with Reacton Fire Suppression Ltd, we are able to Supply, Commission and Maintain high quality fire suppression systems to our customer base.

Protect your people, plant and property from fire

We specialise in helping companies prevent fires by using systems that are competitively priced, reliable and efficient. Each system can be tailored for the specific industry, vehicle and application, protecting vital equipment, machinery as well as the site itself. Atlas World are dedicated to helping stop fires before they start – whether that’s in a room filled with server racks or a vehicle out on the road, there is a system and suppressant agent to suit.

What makes our Atlas World Fire Suppression systems different?

The pre-engineered solutions use the detection tubing for fast, effective and reliable detection. The tubing acts as a linear pneumatic heat detector, responding to rises in heat quickly without the need for an electrical supply. All Fire Suppressions products are CE Marked, PED Compliant and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001-2015.

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  • How does it work?

    Atlas World Fire Suppression delivers simple and effective certified fire suppression solutions which have undergone rigorous testing at a globally recognised institute, with the primary objective of safeguarding people and assets across a high number of diverse applications.

    Designed to be independent of any power source for either monitoring or activation, the Atlas World Fire Suppression systems consist of a pressurised cylinder containing a range of extinguishing agents dependant on the application it is protecting. From Dry Powder and AFFF Foam used with on-road and off-road vehicles to Novec and HFC-227ea for use with wind turbines, control cabinets and data centres.

    At the heart of every Atlas World Fire Suppression system is the unique detection tubing that requires no external power source, delivering 100% effectiveness with zero false alarms. The pressurised tubing is intelligently routed around all high risk areas ensuring 24/7 protection.

    When a fire occurs, the pressurised detection tube will burst at the point of hightest heat causing a drop in pressure. The suppression agent is then released either via the detection tube for ‘Direct’ systems or via a network of strategically placed hoses and nozzles for the ‘In-Direct’  system, which suppresses the fire in under 10 seconds resulting in minimal damage and downtime.

  • Fire Suppression Systems

    Fire suppression is the most effective way to protect your site, machinery and vehicles from the threat of fire, and at Atlas World we have multiple fire suppression systems designed to tackle fires in a matter of seconds.

    At Atlas World Fire Suppression our product portfolio can cover a large variety of applications, and selecting the best solution will not only offer the highest level of fire protection – it will also save you money.

    Our technology can be focused on hazardous environments and will allow you to select either an In-Direct System or a Direct system. Regardless of the system selected, the Atlas World Tube is the reliable solution for detecting fire at its source quickly, before adjacent equipment can be damaged. Either system can utilise one of a variety of clean fire suppressing agents, selected specifically to suit the environment.

    To learn more about our different systems take a look at the sections below, or, to discuss your individual requirements, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

  • In-Direct Fire Suppression Systems

    Where larger areas require protection from fire, In-Direct release fire suppression systems from Atlas World Fire Suppression are ideal.

    The In-Direct System utilises the detection tubing as a fire detection device which is installed in the protected area. A strategically placed network of diffusers and nozzles then delivers the extinguishing agent to the protected area. The system requires no electrical power to detect and suppress, often a critical failure point for other systems. This is unique to the Atlas World Protection System.

    Atlas Worlds In-Direct Dual Agent system allows a combination of agents to be used, such as powder and foam. The advantages of this allow quick knockdown of the fire followed by a cooling effect to help prevent re-ignition. Optional equipment can be fitted to further protect equipment such as: Battery Isolators, Engine/Machine Shutdown, Manual Activation Points and Electronic Monitoring & Release Panels.

    Applications Suitable For In-Direct Systems:

    Mobile & Static Shredders

    Screening Equipment

    Material Handlers & Excavators

    Forklift & TeleTrucks

    Loading Shovels

    Hydraulic / Plant Rooms

    Mining Equipment


  • Direct Fire Suppression Systems

    Typically, a Direct system is used in smaller enclosed/ micro environments where the placement of nozzles is not recommended due to space requirements.

    The Direct System utilises the red detection tubing as both a fire detection device and an extinguisher delivery system. The tubing is installed in and around the protected areas. When a fire occurs, the tubing bursts at the point of highest heat, forming an effective discharge nozzle. The agent is then delivered through the tubing at the burst point, suppressing the fire quickly and thoroughly.

    Within any compact environment, it is essential to eliminate the risk of fire by protecting high risk areas where a fire could start. Our range of systems are simple, flexible and compact, and can be easily intergrated into many high-risk applications including:


    Applications Suitable For Direct Systems:
    • Control Panel / Electrical Cabinet Protection
    • Compact Plant & Machinery
    • Forklift / Tele Truck protection
    • Hazardous Material Cabinets (Paint & Solvents For Example)
    • Fume Cabinets / Laboratory Testing Areas
    • Passenger Vehicle Protection
    • Site Equipment & Accessories
    • Generators
    • Dust Collectors & Fan Assemblies
  • Fire Suppression Agents

    Atlas World can carefully select the correct Agent specifically suited to your risk, be it a Dual agent (Dry Powder and Wet Chemical combined) for Mobile & Industrial Plant applications or the electrically non-conductive, no-residue Clean Agent for your server cabinet.

    You can find a list of some of our suppression agents below, but please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss your extinguishing medium options.

    Extinguishing Mediums:

    Dry Powder

    Intervening in the combustion process, powder can be used to tackle fires in a number of applications, particularly with combustible materials. At Fireward we provide powder suppressant systems in various environments, helping to stop fires in a matter of seconds and protecting your valuable assets.

    Wet Chemical

    AFFF Foam (aqueous film-forming foam) is designed to seal and quickly suppress spill fires, often involving fuels such as gasoline, kerosene and diesel. For this reason, at Fireward we supply wet chemical (AFFF) systems to help protect vehicles, warehouses, hangars and any other environments where fuels may be present.

    Clean Agent

    Ideal for data centres, medical facilities and more, 3M™ Novec™ 1230 can be delivered via a flood or stream system, with a low concentration needed to extinguish fires when the first flame appears. At Fireward we provide 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid for a variety of systems and applications.

  • Fire Suppression Applications

    Wherever there is a confined space with heat, fuel and oxygen, there is a risk of fire. Such areas can generate heat that is well over the temperature required for instant combustion. It only takes an application that has not been cleaned or properly maintained to cause a devastating and costly fire.

    Developed with simplicity, the Atlas World Fire Suppression system can be scaled for use with any application. From a small electrical cabinet to a heavy plant excavator, the Atlas World team are able to create customer focused solutions that meet the needs of today, with the expectations of tomorrow.

    Fire Suppression Applications:
    • CNC EDM CAM Machinery
    • Data Centres
    • Mobile & Industrial Plant
    • Electrical Panels
    • Power Generation
    • Wind Turbines
    • Static & Industrial Machinery
  • Rigorous Fire Suppression Testing - UNECE R107 - Vehicle Approval Test 5

    For all On Road and Off Road vehicles, fire is a risk to both people and assets. The above video demonstrates a simulation of a vehicle engine fire with multiple hidden flammable liquids, compounded with a constant diesel spray to represent a ruptured pipe or hose that can cause a serious fire.

    This test demonstrates the effectiveness of the extinguishing agent of a Atlas World Fire Suppression system against the potential for reignition once activated in what is a volatile scenario. The addition of a fan introducing 1.5m3/s air speed, replicates a moving vehicle or engine cooling fan.

    Atlas World uses the Reacton Fire Suppression systems that recently underwent extensive testing in Sweden for use within the transportation industry which proved exceptionally successful and resulted in a key accreditation being awarded to ReactonTM.

  • Rigorous Fire Suppression Testing - UNECE R107 - Vehicle Approval Test 11

    The above video demonstrates a simulation of a vehicle engine fire where there is an oil leak dripping on to an exceptionally hot surface (normally the exhaust). The test demonstrates the effectiveness of the extinguishing agent against the potential for reignition within this volatile scenario.

    Atlas World Fire Suppression is built on a simple principle; to understand the needs, wants and demands of our customers. This principle has helped Atlas World to become one of the fastest growing fire suppression specialists in NI and the Republic of Ireland . The team at Atlas World deliver approved fire suppression systems designed specifically for a wide range of applications ensuring that customers protect both their people and assets in the event of a fire.