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Smart Energy Metering

We will consult on, design, install and maintain tailored automated metering technology in your new-build or retro-fit project.

Measurable Utilities include:

Electric, Water, Oil. Gas, Steam & Heat

See significant cost savings and reduced energy waste within weeks.

25% reductions

Benefits of Energy Usage Metering & Monitoring Accurate, real-time meter readings – Target setting & alerts for usage – Identification of energy wastage – Verification of utilities bills – Management & reduction of energy use – Reduced Carbon Footprint

User Benefits:

Intuitive, smart dashbaord Fast Reporting Meta-data analysis Historical data comparison Automatic Updates Tiered Access

We will help you improve your energy efficiencies, decrease emissions and reduce your carbon footprint for a cleaner future.

Our energy monitoring and metering systems allow customers to stabilize and reduce their energy use and costs, even creating new revenue streams

Our monitoring systems have been operating for over a decade – we have acquired the experience and expertise to ensure our systems are comprehensive and robust.