Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression is the most effective way to protect your site, machinery and vehicles from the threat of fire, and at Atlas World we have multiple fire suppression systems designed to tackle fires in a matter of seconds. At Atlas World Fire Suppression our product portfolio can cover a large variety of applications, and selecting the best solution will not only offer the highest level of fire protection – it will also save you money.

Our technology can be focused on hazardous environments and will allow you to select either an In-Direct System or a Direct system. Regardless of the system selected, the Atlas World Tube is the reliable solution for detecting fire at its source quickly, before adjacent equipment can be damaged. Either system can utilise one of a variety of clean fire suppressing agents, selected specifically to suit the environment. To learn more about our different systems take a look at the sections below, or, to discuss your individual requirements, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

System Options

Direct System System

Targeting smaller high risk areas immediately. Direct systems work through installing a suppressant delivery tube, then, at the closest point to the fire, the tube will rupture, putting the pressure out of the balance and releasing a dedicated suppression to put the fire out.

In-Direct System System

Where larger areas require protection from fire. With a trace tube to detect the fire, a rupture will allow pressure to drop, triggering the release of suppressant from strategically placed nozzles. The area in which the fire is situated will then be smothered quickly to tackle the fire.

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Rigorous System Testing

UNECE R107 Vehicle Approval Test 11

The above video demonstrates a simulation of a vehicle engine fire where there is an oil leak dripping on to an exceptionally hot surface (normally the exhaust). The test demonstrates the effectiveness of the extinguishing agent against the potential for reignition within this volatile scenario. Atlas World is the leading Automatic Fire Suppression distributor for Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. In collaboration with Reacton Fire Suppression Ltd, we are able to Supply, Install, Commission and Maintain high quality fire suppression systems to our customer base. The ‘Reacton’ technology recently underwent extensive testing in Sweden for use within the transportation industry which proved exceptionally successful and resulted in a key accreditation being awarded to ReactonTM – UNECE R107.

R107 Bus & Coach Fire Suppression Discharge

For all On Road and Off Road vehicles, fire is a risk to both people and assets. The above video demonstrates a simulation of a vehicle engine fire with multiple hidden flammable liquids, compounded with a constant diesel spray to represent a ruptured pipe or hose that can cause a serious fire. This test demonstrates the effectiveness of the extinguishing agent of an Atlas World Fire Suppression system against the potential for re-ignition once activated in what is a volatile scenario. Atlas World uses the Reacton Fire Suppression systems that recently underwent extensive testing in Sweden for use within the transportation industry which proved exceptionally successful and resulted in a key accreditation being awarded to ReactonTM. Ensuring our customers are protected in the event of a fire.


“Atlas World installed a range of Fire Suppression systems to our Electrical Cabinets. As our electrical cabinets are used for life saving equipment, there was a heightened requirement to ensure this equipment was protected from fire. Atlas World has carried out our Fire & Security and Energy requirements for over 30 years and we would thoroughly recommend any business to use them.”

George McCracken – Director of Estates, Risk and Enviroment at the BHSCT


“Fire is a real threat within our industry; materials processed in the waste & recycling industry are unpredictable and can be very flammable. With the risk of inherent fire increasing, Avenue Recycling deployed the expertise of Atlas World to install their fire suppression systems onto our JCB, Bailer and Electrical cabinet. This will mitigate fire as early in the process as possible. Atlas World provided first class customer service and their expert advice was invaluable. I would strongly recommend any company with fire risks to contact Atlas World.”

Albert Magill – Contracts Manager at Avenue Recycling


“RiverRidge would highly recommend Atlas World for Fire Suppression. They have installed a wide range of systems onto our machinery, including our Wastemasters, Shredders, Loading Shovels and Grab Handlers, they were very professional with a high level of technical knowledge. We have seen the system activation in action and this has provided us with extra peace of mind. They are always on hand at the end of the phone, quick to respond in urgent situations, and their work is always of an excellent standard.“

Don McColgan – Maintenance & Facilities Manager at RiverRidge Recycling

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